John W. Suskey

Educator + Web Design Professional

I courageously and fearlessly left teaching in 1998 and went into the computer field doing contract work at first. I worked my way up from computer desktop support to LAN administrator in an office of 75 people with 100 computers, multiple printers and 3 servers.

Now progressing in the world of webpage design, it is my intention to work with putting databases onto web pages along with creative content. I also want to make the pages user-friendly and unique.

Currently I am working on JavaScript, mySQL, Python, and HTML/CSS page design along with backend work using PHP. I have used the VBA for scripting to develop front end MS Access databases.

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Work Experience

Experienced installing, maintaining upgrading micro computer and server hardware. See history on LinkedIn.

LAN Administrator


1/15/2003- Current

Provided LAN admin duties to the users at many contractual jobs. Installed, configured and maintained Dell PowerEdge servers with RAID drives, High-Speed printers, desktop computers and network equipment. User support and Active Directory administration. Support for user's desktop computers, and software configuration.

Job specs: Robert Blevins, Executive Director, 3106 Morrill Hall, College Park, MD 20742-8231 ph. 301.405.1670


Computer Specialist

Loyola College of Maryland


Installed, maintained software and hardware in labs and classrooms across 3 campuses using Ghost, ZenWorks and Microsoft deployment and configuration tools. Designed, and implemented an MS Access database for in-house inventory of desktops using scripting and tables

Job specs: Tom Wilson, Supervisor, 45 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21012, ph. 410.767.5555

Don Pollitt

Computer Specialist

American College Health Association


Installed, maintained software and hardware in small office using Microsoft Small Business Server and windows clients

Job specs: Dolye Randol, Supervisor, ph. 410.859.1500


Online- LinkedIn Learning and Cengage Gale courses (2020-current) I 'm a Didactic learner) Certifications for HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and web design along with hardware certs such as:

UMBC Credly badge certification in Programming Fundamentals

A+ certification

Computer Institute Certificate of Completion (1997)

Harford Community College computer courses

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Music Education, Bachelor and Master of Music